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About Fort Worth CSI

The Fort Worth Chapter of the Construction Specification Institute received its Charter in April of 1962. Charter Members of the Fort Worth Chapter of Construction Specifications were:

Active Members

Cecil A. BarfieldWilliam A. Jackson
William R. Orr
George L. BealJ. Buford JohnsonJames O. Thomas, Jr.
Larry T. BrooksAlbert KomatsuA. B. Wilkinson


Associate Members

William A. Courtney, Jr.Robert L. FisherThomas S. Justiss, Jr.
Don L. Wood
H. B. Everett, Jr.Robert W. GermondArvol K. Nelson
J. D. Woodyard

These Charter members created the framework and principles of this Chapter.
Current members include architects, engineers, interior designers, builders, material manufacturers, dealers, construction product representatives, and others involved in the design and construction industry. The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is an individual membership association that provides technical information and products, continuing education, professional conferences, and product shows to enhance communication among all disciplines of the nonresidential building design and construction industry and meet the industry's need for a common system of organizing and presenting construction information.

Past Presidents
of the Fort Worth Chapter of
Construction Specifications Institute



Richard I. Grimland**

2006-2007Renate' Woods
Gary T. Yancy
2004-2005Steve Knelib
Tom Tomlinson**
2001-2002Richard I. Grimland**
John Gibson
1999-2000John Fox
Mark Goodnight
1996-1997Ellen Kay Crews
1995-1996Bob Young
1994-1995Phil Mayfield
1993-1994Russ Garrison
1992-1993Ron Conner 1991-1992Robert Housewright
1990-1991Albert W. Reed1989-1990Billie B. Williams
1988-1989Bland F. Harper1987-1988Russell Story*
1986-1987James R. Post 1985-1986Kenneth Foreman
1984-1985Richard I. Grimland1983-1984William C. (Dub) Riley
1982-1983George J. Marsh 1981-1982Morriss W. Johnson
1980-1981Donald M. Isaacs1979-1980Robert O. Adams
1978-1979Ray W. Boothe1977-1978Walter Y. Head III
1976-1977Hal J. Sullenberger 1975-1976John R. Horton
1974-1975Mary Louise Rodgers Kingbury1973-1974Edward Vaughn Jr.
1972-1973O.B. (Ben) Cecil, Jr.*1971-1972Aubrey D. Jones
1970-1971Dorland Carol Shelton1969-1970Warren N. Lacey
1968-1969Raymond L. Darrow 1966-1968Joe E. Schaefer**
1964-1966John H. Cowsar**1962-1964J.O. "Jim" Thomas * **

* Deceased

** Two Terms *** Three Terms

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